Do yourself a favor. Instead of Buying An EXPENSIVE, Ugly, Pre-Made Projector Screen, get handy and save a wad of money and you can...
Build it Yourself!

I Guarantee, You Can Build Your Own Professional-Quality Home Theatre Projection Screen! And YOU CAN Have the Biggest and Best Screen Anywhere!"


You can easily make your own home theatre screen - it's fun, it's fast and
it's easy!

No special tools or skills are required.

All the parts are cheap and can be found at your local hardware store!

We Have Built Several Screens And for a Limited Time, We are Willing To Share Our Secrets With YOU!"

Yes! If you'd like to create 'your own in home theatre' and have the biggest screen on your block, you gotta check this out!

If you've dreamed of having your own in-home-theatre with the largest screen you've ever seen, showing crystal-clear-image quality movies... and you'd like to hear more about 'how to DIY and SAVE thousands of dollars'...
then this message is for you.

Allow me to show you why this is the easiest and best book on DIY home theatre screen building, it's a fact. Just check out the honest feedback of people who've used the book.

They'll prove to you this book is the easiest to follow, and has simple, step-by-step instructions written in plain English!

And the best part is...

No previous experience is necessary!

Now, I know you're probably skeptical; that's normal. Most people are skeptical of things these days that seem 'too good to be true'.

So here's three good reasons we can back up what we claim.

Why Should You Believe What We Say?

Here's 3 honest reasons...

Reason # 1 – DIY Experience

We have built many screens and helped hundreds of DIY's do the same. And people who see these screens are always amazed how easy and inexpensive they truly are to build. (Please see the satisfied DIY's testimonials below.)


Reason # 2 – Host AWESOME Home Theatre Parties!

You want your home theatre screen to be a focal point during your parties and a huge screen always amazes the guests! It is a real conversation starter. (Especially when you can say 'you did it yourself'!)


Reason # 3 – It's So Easy... And IT Can Easily Pay for Itself

We have built screens for expensive, high-end business company board rooms. These are screens used by sales managers for making large volume sales.

Our 120" screens --- WOWED the customers!

And the screen helped show the presentations well and so helped close many sales! The presentations will knock your socks off they are so impressive.

Imagine one of these 'client impressing screens' in your own boardroom!

PLUS... You'll get the 'SUPER LOW" Do It Yourself Rock Bottom Price AND be the proud owner of your custom home theatre room. Imagine how you'll feel as you sit back and smile as your new screen, 'WOWs' your guests!

You get this and more when you get your own 'Build A Screen' downloadable book, and you save money and DIY.


So what's your alternatives?


Have you ever been late for a movie because you were stuck in traffic, been rained on or mugged on your way home from the cinemas? Truth is, going for a movie at the cinemas could be a hassle nowadays. Not only is it expensive, it could also be risky.


If anything, with the economic crunch we all need to save on some of these luxuries without getting rid of them. There are cheaper and better options that allow you, your friends and family to enjoy exactly the same thrill and sensation that you would expect from being an expensive down town theater.

So don't want to spend money on expensive movie tickets?

We have all been to the movies and after watching a film, wished we could watch it at the cinema over and over again. Unfortunately, this opportunity usually comes and then is gone. Either you wouldn’t have the extra cash laying around to pay for the luxury to watch a movie for a second time or that particular movie is no longer available at the theaters.


But, with your own mini theater you can watch your favorite movie as many times as you wish...and it's private (no crowds to mar your experience) so you'll love watching them right in your new home theatre room!



Plus, it's ready when you are.

No waiting in long movie lines ever again!

The big screen and surround sound can be within your reach at anytime of the day or night, just feel how relaxing this will be!

And the cost of the screen will be paid back really fast, when you think of the money you'll be saving on the price of expensive movie tickets, candy, pop and popcorn!

For once you can 'feel really good inside' when you give your friends and family a movie treat without having to remove a single penny from your pocket, apart from the cost of the microwave popcorn! 

Imagine having 5 of your closest friends at your house and treating them to a great movie!

And... Just think how proud you would feel and how much they would envy you having your own in-home theatre!

Plus, you'll feel like a 'king in your own home' while you are watching a movie from your favorite comfy chair. Just imagine what it would feel like being able to pause and rewind at will gives one the 'feeling of being in a comfort zone'. Here you and your visitors will feel much safer and also eliminate the sense of being in a congested place and being harassed by loud and noisy crowds.

All you need is to have a room you can transform into a mini theater! Imagine... fully furnished with seats, incredible sound systems and a huge screen! The most important element here is the big screen, which also happens to be the thrill of watching a movie at the theater and you can easily 'do-it-yourself' guaranteed!

It is actually very simple to add a mini theater in your house, you can easily do it in a day!

All you need is a room that can accommodate a couple of seats and a large screen. The screen should be strategically placed to avoid problems with too much exposure to light. You will need to cover windows and remove excess light, as movie screens are only at their best in pitch darkness.

In just a day, you can build your own home theatre!

The wall you mount the screen on needs to be strong enough to support the screen and its components. The wall can be drywall or concrete, it just needs to be able to anchor the screen and hold tightly. So you want to take that into consideration when planning your room, one wall might be work easier to mount the screen to.


When you read the book you'll find many ideas on how you can customized mini your in-home theater too so you can really make it conform to your needs. Just like you want it and dreamed to have.

Your screen also needs to look great when it is not in use. Tips are included to make your screen look 'custom designer made' even when it is not in use. You theatre room is a great place to chat over a drink with a friend.

Remember, your mini theater does much more than just show movies.

Have you went on vacation lately?

Did you take a ton of pictures?

Show the awesome images of your 'vacation adventure' on the BIG SCREEN and you'll see cool things in your photos you never knew were there!

Wow your friends and family with your photography skills!

Imagine seeing your photography showcased on living-color and 'king size on your mini theatre screen'!


Just think how much fun it would be to have your own 'vacation adventure party!

You can gather your family and friends and use the projector to show
your vacation's BIG MOMENTS!

Watch your photos pull laughs and even awed words of admiration from viewing your 'vacation adventure photos'! You'll be thrilled at their responses!

Imagine your landscape scenery photos turned into vivid-intensely-colorful-picture-perfect breathtaking scenery!

Watching the adventure on screen will take you back to when you were on vacation again.

It'll almost feel like you are there back there again!

Families can reconnect by sharing your treasured photos with
the people you love

 Wouldn't Grandma and Grandpa love to see the grandkids on the BIG SCREEN?



This is what you can have in your own home theatre and watch as the tears of joy come to their eyes! Best yet you can have parties during the holidays and everyone will rave about your home theatre room!

You'll love this...

Now one of the biggest perks about having your own home theatre room is PARTIES!

Just think how awesome it would feel to be 'the host of the best block party on the block'! And it'll be at YOUR HOUSE! Just think how the your friends and neighbors will envy you!

Wow, that's a super feeling, right? Well you can get started on your way to building your own theatre room in just minutes from now...

So are there any other cool things you can do with your new theatre room?

You bet there is!

Got a college student in the home, or are you studying to earn a degree?

You can also use this screen for enhancing your studying!

You'll be surprised out easier it is to study when you are watching your teacher or professor's PowerPoint presentations on your wide screen. With the home theatre room located in a quiet and dark environment you are guaranteed to concentrate on the presentation,
and you'll be amazed that your levels of comprehension will be higher too!

Do you have worries about the decor?

If you are concerned about having a frame along the edges to match with the color of the room’s wall, it's easy to do. You can have the borders decorated with a design of your choice, there's tips inside the book.

When you build your screen you'll find the screen material is a major factor on the quality of picture you see. Screen materials range in cost, (that's the pricy part you get soaked for when you buy a ready-made screen.)

You'll save a ton of money since you'll know that the ready-made screens use the SAME material you are going to buy for less than 1/10 the cost!

We'll give you the run down on the various types of fabrics or materials and you can buy your fabric at an inexpensive fabric shop. We'll show you the tricks and tips to buying the right kind of fabric for your home theatre. 

Get ready to enjoy your first big screen experience in the convenience of your own home.

The days when you wished the cinema was closer home are now over!

You can treat yourself to a movie with all the thrills of being in a cinema theater topped with a feeling of comfort and safety as a result of being under your won roof.

The money you save on theatre tickets can help pay for more comfy couches and a super special 'sports- watcher' recliner just for you too!

Movie ticket expenses for your kids and family end here.

You'll love the money you save!

The money paid for one ticket will be enough to a purchase a movie that the whole family will enjoy and you can watch this movie over and over too.

You can save the money you would have spent on movie tickets for other fun things you family needs or wants to do. Like playing darts!

The best part of it, you get to choose what you want to watch, when and with whom. 

Now we'll talk about the sports season!

Get ready to be 'the place on the block' when the “boys” need to watch an NBA or NFL game.

Feel like you are watching the BIG GAME on big screen away from all the noise and distractions of other stadium goers! And have the feeling you are sitting in the bleachers without the feeling or a rock hard bench under your butt!

So who stands to benefit most after installing a big screen at home?

Well, here's the rub.

Who gets the big screen tonight?

Dad and his boys to watch the match on game nights without distraction as would have been the case if they watched the game from a bar or pub. And without the triple high cost of having a few beers!

Mom can invite her friends over for coffee or a wine cooler, as she show pictures of her new grandson or granddaughter!

And as an added bonus... make the woman in your life happy too! Know how she's always talking about a 'girl's night out'? Well, you can have her have the 'girls over for a romantic movie night' .. she'll LOVE you for that!

And the best part? You'll know your woman is safe and sound right here at home! She'll also be the 'woman all the other women will envy because her hubby really showed he loves her... because he build this fantastic home theatre room for them too!

Let them watch those romantic movies they love so much together and guess what?

You won't have to watch them with her so often either! Now how's that for a really BIG bonus! And if you want to you and the missus can enjoy a little wine and well you know on the couch in your big dark theatre room, she'll snuggle a LOT CLOSER in those scary movie parts especially when those monsters and scary bad guys are so ULTRA BIG and SCARY! You'll be her protector for sure...

Well how about for your woman? Does she need some help too?

Does she need to get the kids out of your hair while you cook supper or clean house?

If you have kids who won't give you any rest so you can make supper or do your household chores, well how about treating them to the “Madagascar” animation movie on big screen?

With surround sound and the 'life-sized images' your kids are guaranteed to stay put in that room for as long as you wish.

Use your theatre room to 'babysit' your kids while they play games or better yet, watch educational movies on Discovery or the Kid's Channel.

Do you worry about what your teen is doing after they go downtown to the movies? Not anymore!

With the home theatre in YOUR BASEMENT, as a parent you won't have to worry about what your teenage kids are doing AFTER the movie they went to see downtown. Because they'll be in YOUR BASEMENT. Plus, you can have your teenagers bring their friends over and hang out at the mini theater where they can watch their favorite music videos, and know they are staying out of trouble. That's a big relief!

With a mini home theater in your home, you can easily monitor teenager’s whereabouts and thus eliminates arguments over why they came home late or didn’t come home at the agreed on time, or who they was with.

As you can see, a home theatre is the way to go!

It's easier to build than you think.

So what's a resource like this really worth?

To research this kind of information would probably cost you around 450 hours or more of your precious time... I should know because that is what it cost me.

You don't want to spend all that time looking for second grade information do you?

Of course not, not when...

You can get it all right here right now, for pennies on the dollar!.

You want the right stuff, not some trashy junk with incomplete directions, right?

Everything is explained in plain English, Quick & Easy to do for a DIY'er like you, and more important it is a very low cost solution to your problem with what to do about making your own in-home theatre.

That's why 'Build A Screen' is such a bargain at only $7!

That's right, you won't pay over $1,000 worth of YOUR TIME like I did and you won't be frustrated trying to piece all the right information together from bits and pieces you can find on the web.

Nope, you're too smart for that nonsense.

Why would I make it so affordable?

Simply because my delivery costs to you are so super low.  I figured i'd put this information up there on this website to help others find a quick, simple and effective solution to their 'create a home theatre' problems, and I'd make some money back over time with lots of satisfied customers just like you!

But, I may raise the price soon. The more research I am doing on this hot DIY topic the more I will add to the books and then the price will DEFINITELY GO UP!


You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee

By the way, the exclusive bonus is yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:


Try 60 Days
100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

Hey, you'll be my new happy customer. And I want to make absolutely sure you are totally satisfied with the book.

So Get "Build A Home Screen' right now and go through it immediately. If after 10 minutes, you don't feel like you've received your money's worth, simple flick me an email and I'll happily return EVERY cent of your investment right back to you in FULL (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it.)

But "How To Build Home Screen" is yours to keep, no matter what, as a "Thank You Gift" from me, just for trying it out.

OK? So you win either way no matter what. So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose."


And when you act immediately and receive the following special bonus!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to 'sweeten the pot' and give you every possible reason to say 'YES' today!

That's a very fair, rock solid guaranteed,
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Yes, Very True, And it's about to get better...

Your Limited Time Offer Includes

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Your FREE Bonus Projector Book

Here's what I'll do to prove I'm genuinely here to help you... and make sure this is one of the best investments you've ever made.

I'm going to throw in a FREE Bonus that will help you out, as many people who bought the "Build A Home Screen" Book wanted to be able to use an old TV as a projector!

Simply secure your copy of "Build A Home Screen" Book today, and I'll also throw in this must have bonus!

When you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following
exclusive bonus item:

Build A Projector Screen

Your Free bonus, valued at $27!

This amazing bonus is all about how to use an old TV and turn it into a incredibly inexpensive projector!

You get complete plans on how to turn an ordinary 20" TV into a powerful projector than can project a 200" image onto your new screen! The next 7 people who order the book will get this valuable information for FREE!

Not bad huh?

That's a great deal right? So you get a new bonus book worth $27 just for trying my "Build A Home Screen' book. I hope you can see the incredible value in knowing how to do this.

They're worth every cent, and it's yours FREE.

I'm not sure how long I can keep the bonus up (I'm making it into it's own complete website soon, and I'm not sure how long I can keep this at $7. I may raise the price, my buddies say it is way too inexpensive, and I may take the bonus book away soon.

So if you want to GET EVERYTHING today at this very low price, you might want to get in quick... It could change at any time.


Here's some other happy customers who have received this great package are saying about their new in-home theatres!

Hundreds of guys and gals just like you have done it and many who are the proud owners of a DIY home theatre room, really did 'Do It Themselves' even if they did have 'no real knowledge of how to build one'.

"...people are amazed at the sharp and clear image, plus super high quality and mega size of my picture!"

     "The screen is a major attraction at parties. It is a great conversation starter and people are amazed at the sharp and clear image, plus super high quality and mega size of my picture! And I love it for showing posters and movies during a party! Even when it is not in 'party mode' I can use it to project an awesome aquarium scene and it really adds to the cool look of my decor too."

~ M
ike Sanders, Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm all thumbs when it comes to DIY projects... but this one was so easy, all I needed was a scissors and a screw driver!"

     "When I got the ebook, I was a little worried and my wife was not too keen on my do - it - yourself skills. I'm all thumbs when it comes to DIY projects... but this one was so easy, all I needed was a scissors and a screw driver!"

~ Wayne Shamanski,
Troy, Michigan

"Saved big bucks over spending money on a store-bought one!"

     "When I was pricing store bought screens, I just cringed. They were so expensive. I was surfing the net and found your website. I got the book. I impressed my clients with my new mini-conference screen. I made a screen for my small business conference room and I save big bucks over spending money on a store-bought one!"

~ M
ike Sanders, Atlanta, Georgia

"I love the way my professional photos look on the new screen, and it really impresses my prospective wedding photography clients. It's just awesome!"

     "I bought the book to make a screen for my photography viewing room for my business. As a professional photographer, I have to watch my spending and this was a super inexpensive way to really help showcase my wedding photography portfolio. I love the way my photos look on the new screen and it really impresses my prospective wedding clients. It's just awesome!"

~ M.
Lawson, Olympia, Washington

Here's how to get your DIY Big Screen Book right now!


Just think, minutes from now you can be reading the 'Build A Screen AND the FREE BONUS 'How to Build a Projection Screen' downloadable books.

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Richard Shepard

Richard Shepard, President

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